Wonderman (ZVitor)

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by ZVitor, Jason Todd and Daraku

Version 1.1


Creation History

Jason Todd:

Wonderman was first designed by darkclaw. Way too busy to sprite him, i asked darkclaw to finish him. I was then joined by Daraku and One of the greatest creators ever (if not the greatest), ZVitor. He managed to change him from a grade b character to a grade A.


Special Attacks

Wonder Dive - Air

B + P

Ionic Bullet - Ground | Air

D, DF, F + P

Tectonic Shock

D, DF, F + K

Wonder Upper

F, D, DF + P

Wonder Wave

D, DB, B + P

Hyper Attacks

Ionic Impulse

D, DF, F + 2P

Wonder Form

D, DB, B + 2P

Ionic Dive

D, DB, B + 2K



Download Wonderman

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