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By: Warner


Creation History

The Thing, by Warner, with AvX balances and all that jazz. He's got a lot of tricks up his sleave which really makes him a fun character to use.


AvX Details

  • Combos: LMH
  • Launcher: D + HP
  • OTG: D,DB,B + LP or D,DB,B + MP or D,DF,F + KK

Special Moves

  • Down, Forward, Light Punch = Power Back Hand
  • Down, Forward, Medium Punch = Power Punch
  • Down, Forward, Hard Punch = Power Charge
  • Down, Back, Light Punch = Ground Smash
  • Down, Back, Medium Punch = Stop Sign
  • Down, Back, Hard Punch = Tuck n' Roll
  • Down, Forward, Kick = Hard Head

Hyper Moves

  • Down, Forward, 2 Punches = It's Clobberin' Time
  • Down, Back, 2 Punches = Rock Melee
  • Down, Forward, 2 Kicks = Truck Dump


Yancy Street by Acey



Download The Thing

Download The Thing Stage

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