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Mugen Creator




  • Profile Name: The Anvil (inspired by Jim Neidhart)
  • Location: UK
  • Birthday: 1st February
  • Sex: M
  • Favorite Marvel Character: Morph
  • Favorite Capcom Character: Lou and Siva

I first discovered Mugen when i was looking on the net for any word of a Marvel vs Capcom 3. I then saw mugen, and i was instantly sucked in, make your own characters? Forget about it, it's been my dream since i first played X-Men Children of the Atom. I first found spriting hard but fun, my first sprites wern't very impressive though, so my first project was to be an easy one, which was wolverine, just headswapping, although now i have completely re-done the character. I then moved onto a more difficult character and my personal favorite Marvel character of all time.


Signiture History

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