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Nickname: Tenchimuyo4ever

Age: 19

City: Sicklerville

Nationality: African American/ Puerto Rican

Work as: Sprite editor, stage creator

Project: Amalgam Age Of Superheroes


Tenchimuyo4ever is a spriter that started the first Amalgam character Ironlantern.

After teaming up and founding Sic Graphics Mugen with Sic-1 he's started more wips including Dr Doomsday , Greenskull and Thorion.

Tenchimuyo4ever will also be voice acting for the Amalgam AOS game.

The roles he will be voicing are the Hyena and Greenskull.






Amalgam Age Of SuperHeroes!

First mugen project that brings Amalgam Heroes and Villains to life in Mugen.

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