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By: Laspacho


What happens if Megaman defeated Symbiote Onslaught? Did the Symbiote evolve into something greater from combining with Onslaught? Is this how the Syymbiote is able to attach to Megaman? Or is it something more...?


I have the interest, just don't have the time. I'm busy working on characters for MegaMan: Robot Master Mayhem. I still think I could make a fun character out of this, maybe one day. Sooner or later I'll post the sprites I did make.

As promised above, here are the sprites I completed. They are open source, a thanks in your readme.txt if you use them would be nice. Enjoy.

SymbMM.png Hit-1.png Symbiote_Megaman_laspacho-2.gif Symbiote_Megaman_Attack_laspacho.gif

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