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In adding or editing entries in this Wiki please help us maintain a certain amount of consistency by following the proceeding guidelines:


General Guidelines

  • This Wiki focuses on creators and creations, not videos or sprites. No video or sprite should be given it's own page. These items only belong on pages about creators or creations.
  • All pages need to have at least one link to another page. Example: Acey links to Beast so the page Acey is compliant.
  • All pages should be assigned a category. This is done by typing the following at the end of the article: [[Category: NameOfCategory]]
  • (Notice that Categories are non-plural)

Character Pages

  • When adding a Character Page please title the article as follows: Character Name (Author)
  • Include the author of the character beneath the initial graphic as follows: By: Author
  • Any download links should be at the bottom of the article under a category titled "Download"
  • Please do not direct link to a Mugen character file or image unless they are your own or they are hosted on the Infinity Mugen Team servers. Otherwise please link to the site that they are hosted on.

Personal Pages

  • When making a Creator Page please use the Creator Box template at the top of the page with the following code:
{{CreatorBox|Avatar|Position|Location|Astrological|Home Page|Biography}}
  • Only the avatar currently used by the person should be at the top of the page, all other avatars or signatures should be under a separate heading "Avatars" or "Signatures".

Mugen Team Pages

  • The link to the main website for any given Mugen Team should be at the bottom of the article in a section titled "External Links"


  • Same as the IMT Forum, please no profanity, discrimination, nudity, or graphic scenes of death or gore.
  • No bashing other forums or individuals
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