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Position: IMT Core Member
Local: San Pedro, California
Astrological: Pokemon
Home Page: http://spidermew.deviantart.com/

Biography: The first concept of SpiderMew was conceved when Joshua and his family first got a computer and were creating their screen names for America Online. The orginal name Joshua wanted was taken, so he amalgamated two concepts he enjoyed, Spider-Man and Pokemon, and created the name SPIDERMEW. Joshua was 15 or 16 years old at the time.

Eventualy the first image of SpiderMew would be created by a friend of his named Brak from the old pokemon in my pocket chat rooms, and from here he would refine his character concept and would create his first sprite edit from sprites from the orginal pokemon game for the game boy.



  • Real Name: Joshua John Booth Mazur
  • Date of Birth: October 9th 1983

Joshua currently lives in San Pedro California with his family. He is currently unemployed. His BA in Theater Arts is being held in paperwork hell at California State University Dominguez Hills.


SpiderMew has had a few websites over the years. His first one was hosted on Angelfire, and was primarly a shocase for his and his friends arwork. He also wanted to make a website with information about various things he was into, like comic books and anime, and the website featured artwork and fan fiction made by friends. This website then moved to SpiderMew.com for about a year. SpiderMew coded the site himself with HTML. After his year ran up with his hoste, and he didnt have the money anymore to pay for it, it was shut down and he never botherd to update his old angelfire site.

SpiderMew wouldnt start a new website untill after he discoverd MUGEN and joined Team Spoiler.

Team Spoiler and related issues

This is a complacated subject. SpiderMew was asked to join team spoiler by alexziq. It was though time with them that SpiderMew discovered more about character creation, eventualy with the help of Alexziq and Susan Mugen, Sniper Joe was first publicly released, it wasnt untill after the disbanding of Team Spoiler did Sniper Joe get a second update, with a huge bug fix from alexziq. Around that time is when SpiderMew was approched with the idea of The Legon, as a small group of creators who would help eachother out. With everyone being so bussy with life, SpiderMew wasnt sure if the Legon still stands, that is untill recently. It would seem that The Legon just didnt take off anyplace and is being droped.

IMT Creator

SpiderMew was invited into the the IMT core as a creator. He was sent a pm invite by former team spoiler member Dark Talbain. The PM was styled in a funny trick, leaving spidermew to beleve for a second that his contributor status was being removed. Then came the line about getting to use a sword and spidermew was full of excitement.


SpiderMew has relesed 1 completed character, 2 incomplete characters, 1 stage, one modified plugin, and 2 tutorals.

Released Content

Tutorals Sprite Editing: The SpiderMew Way

  • Stage: White

This stage was made orginaly to use in a video he was asked to do to showcase someone else's wip called The Kungfu Stick. It is just a completely white stage, thats it. It is on his website.

  • Completed Character Captian America Reborn


Sprites by Jason Todd and SpiderMew with coding by SpiderMew, Captian America reborn is sort-of a joke character. With moves inspired by Captian Falcon and sounds from Smash Bros. and Mortal Kombat, he has flying kicks and hard dashing ground attacks for specials. For a hyper he equips the Photonic Shield and unleashes a beam attack. There will not be future versions of this character. Code is open source, as for the edited sprites you'll have to ask Jason Todd.


Spirites by SpiderMew and code by Susan Mugen and Alexziq

The design of Sniper Joe is based on the Sniper Joe 01 from Mega Man 7. It has 7 specials 1 striker (Hammer Joe from Mega Man 3) and 3 Hypers and features the voice of SpiderMew, edited by Alexziq. Sniper Joe was last updated January 31 of 2009. SpiderMew is planning a graphical update of sniperjoe to happen soon.

  • Alpha Character: Green Lantern Lucario


Sprites by Spidermew, and placed onto the DC character tempate. The First Pokemon Superhero for MUGEN, update comming hopefuly soon. Features The Toaster?? SpiderMew has been editing him slowly, on days when he really wants to sprite but needs a break from his current project. GLL needs to be totaly recoded though lol.

Canceled W.I.P's

All working files for these projects were lost. Backups did not exist unfortunately.

  • WIP character Sniper Joe Update


A total overhaul of Sniper Joe to be included as a boss in Mega Man: Robot Master Mayhem. This Sniper Joe will be made with a smart palette for multiple costume choices. SJPreview.png

  • WIP character The Toaster King


A twisted version of the brave little toaster. The Toaster King will be the kind of character whos moves jokingly refrence anime/cartoons/videogames

  • WIP character: Hyper Strike


Hyper Strike is from "Who wants to be a Super Hero" seasion 2. He was one of the runners up. Hyper Srike will take a while to complete, as he's edited from Hayato and Fei-Long so far and his code will be based off of choujin's dbz characters (with permission) SpiderMew hasnt really touched his sprites in a while, It may be a while before he gets back to it


Forum Links

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Web Links

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SpiderMew's Myspace page

SpiderMew's Deviantart page


SMfirstIMTSword.png 549f5166809e13f22bc24353c75f8c5c.png mewsniperswordbycd.png spidermew20mew20sword.png mew20sniper20sword.png toaster20king20blade.png Lucario20Lantern20Sword.png mewsword92711.png

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