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Sic Graphics Mugen is a team established in 2008 whose current focus is Amalgam Universe Mugen characters.



Team Members

  • Sic-1
  • tenchimuyo4ever (Co-Admin of Sic Graphics Mugen)
  • R@ce45 (Co-Admin of Sic Graphics Mugen)
  • Crow
  • Dark Claw
  • Black Ops
  • Duratan
  • GODzilla
  • danilokao
  • Kojunho
  • Manic
  • rozeros
  • Mr.Infinite
  • O Ilusionista


  • Amalgam: Age Of Superheroes (First Mugen Project to bring Full Amalgam Characters to Mugen)


Other Works

R@ce45 Style Patches:

Mr.Infinity Style Patches:

Sic-1 Style Patches:

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