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Position: Infinity MUGEN Team Administrator
Local: Texas
Astrological: N/A
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Biography: I've been around M.U.G.E.N for almost four years now and two of those years I spent it on the sidelines watching my fellow team mates create away. Excursion, Acey, T.G.M., were the only ones creating stuff back in the day. After I decided to stop being lazy I asked eSkRo for a big favor and he started to teach me how to code step by step. We spent a lot of time chatting away and going over coding until I understood it. After a while coding stuff seemed so easy for me and I thank eSkRo for getting me started. Over the years I have learned a lot more about coding from just watching Tiago Frossard, Kong, Sludge, Trasgo7, Acey, T.G.M., Excursion, Sabaki and Vyn.





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