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By Acey

Date Released: July 15, 2007 (Late 4th of July release)

Sprites: Street Fighter Alpha 3

Programming: Acey & Tiago Frossard

Current Version: 1.0


Creation History

Rolento had been started by Tiago Frossard but after Tiago decided to leave Mugen, Scar and I took over his unfinished characters. In Rolento all of the basics, a special (Patriot Twirl) and a hyper (Patriot Fianlizer) were programmed in and only needed realignment, collision boxes, and a variety of minor tweeking. Following that work I took to expanding the character. Rolento doesn't follow the Street Fighter Alpha version much but in his final release he has been more harmonized with the most necessary tactics and combos. One thing that Tiago had wanted for his character was a tank so I'm happy to say that now one of the hypers attarks is tank based.

Character History

A man of mystery, Rolent once served in a Miltary Special Operations Unit. Little is known of his time spent with this unit but he is known as the sole survivor following a mission in the Middle East and later left the military in search of a utopian society. Rolent was not seen again until a few years later as a part of the Mad Gear Gang in Metro City, run by Sodom until the desimation of Mad Gear at the hands of Guy, Cody and Haggar. Rolent has been searching ever since for a way to bing about a world molded in his own utopian vision.


Normal Moves

  • HP = Launch
  • F,HP = Throw
  • F,HK = Throw (on the ground or in the air)
  • MP = Batton Twirl (on the ground or in the air)
  • D,HK = Slide Kick

Special Moves

  • D,F,P = Patriot Circle
  • D,B,K = Wall Launch
  • D,F,LP (in air) = Stinger (Knife)
  • D,F,MP (in air) = Stinger (Granade)
  • D,F,HP (in air) = Stinger (Knifes)
  • D,MK (in air) = Spike Rod
  • DF,K = Mekong Delta

Hyper Moves

  • D,F,PP = Take No Prisoners
  • D,B,PP = Rocket Tank
  • D,F,KK = Patriot Finalizer


Love him for his playability, or hate him because he's different from the original, I'm really happy with how he turned out.


Download Rolento

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