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Who is Rage ?



Name: ??????????? a.k.a. RAGE

Sex: Unidentified

Location: USA, Chicago

Position: Infinity Artist

Team: Infinity Deviants

Likes: Drawing, writing, working out

Dislikes: YOU

Favorite Games: final fantasy 7, final fantasy Loin Wars, Disgaea 1,2,3

Favorite Superhero, Game Chars, Comic, etc: Batman, Joker, Harley, Spiderman, Jubilee, Dazzler, Elle (Heroes),Cloud, YUFFIE

Favorite Movies: Cruel intentions 1,2,3, Lost Boys, Saw 1,2,3

Favorite TV Shows: Heroes, Prison Break

Favorite Color: Orange

Favorite Picture: rage-anabolic.jpg

A story full of RAGE




Pictures & info coming soon

Avatars & Sigs

2edxqa0.png ome4x.png

11j93qg.png am78yr.png

ftghhi.png 2i9zo.png

2iqkadc.png 29m26fm.png

sbuiol.png 2iuc0lu.png

alntiq.png 34qky1e.png

jb2oo1.png 2ilv4.png

qy64wl.png 9kqrkm.png

2lsv7te.png 2qd7knp.png

2gvsx0x.png viptnk.png

296onf4.png wqvbjd.png

2prfwux.png 1zgw5tz.png

5f2jph.png 29l1kia.png

21e6u84.png 96gt5c.png

9qv4m1.png 25k1n5s.png

33uz97o.png 29xgfw8.png

1ze84r8.png 19bgi0.png

22j9yo.gif                 28stshy.gif 
263fqsw.gif                2wplehd.gif

Infinity Shields

20zxzco.png 2005h93.png 24myk90.png vfhabr.png w2hhl4.jpg 2e5ikhy.jpg 2l8f5zm.png 2r43jom.png 20trpky.png 2nk8lrc.png ip8461.png 2caqkp.png 2a8nakg.png 346kg1w.png sqt3wk.png 20zbm6e.png 2v0bh9l.png 2pobk2q.png nlzk1f.png mscbbl.png 2hf579d.png 20a3n2h.png 13ykk7o.png 2myz38g.png jubilee_shield2.png rua98j.png rjnps3.png

smdclf.jpg 2m3mydz.png 28s95s9.png 23s850j.png 2iuud7s.png 2zezexs.png 1zocduu.png

ribvq0.jpg xgef5i.png 2s0k7bt.jpg 2hz3e5z.png 343m0ys.png

2lzyg6.png Two Avt's i made so i could be a poser but i soon found out that this is extremely frowned upon so dont go getting any ideals.

External gallery

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