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40911584.gif a_2.gif

Sprites by the IMT Forum Members



Quint is a forum WIP that everyone can participate in making.

Quint is Megaman. Dr Wily during the events of MMII (GB) got a hold of the experimental Time Skimmer. This device let him travel into the future to capture Megaman and reprogram him into Quint. How did Wily capture Megaman? Its is unknown how, but is believed that in the future the Wily Wars are over, won by Megaman. Such being the case the future is said to be peaceful and thus Megaman is caught off guard by Wily..

Base Sprites


S01.png S02.png S03.png


40911584.gif Quint-1.gif (Standing and crouching)

Quint's base sprites for creation:

Megaman, recolored green for armor parts, and for limbs, use the light green.


1) Please announce your attentions to complete a set to help others avoid duplicate work.

2) If you sign up for a set, please try and complete in within one week of the date you announce your intentions.

3) All animations must use the color palette used in the sprites seen above.

4) There are many bases to use on this character. Possible character base suggestions include Megaman, Crashman, and Metalman. (Kong's Megaman is also open source.)

5) All animations need to match the current scale of the sprite seen above.

6) Do not use other Mugen Creator's sprites without permission.

Contribute in the W.I.P. Thread


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