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by ZVitor and JETthePHOENIX

Version 1.0


Creation History

That char background is a completly mess, it was Black dragon + Erradicator The Flash, then (forgot his name) edited it to one quicksilver char, then Acey did one head swap at him, then Acey showed to me his personal edit, so i thought "hey, he can be at XSC" and Acey "plz, dont"... so late, i fixed sprites, added one more body color, code from zero + some cool ideias moves and to finish, Jet applied his magic smart pallets.

I dont have Erradicator and black dragon permiss to edit his stuffs, i looked for it, but i presume they are ok with that. (if not plz contact me)



  • Erradicator and Blackdragon' The Flash used like base.
  • Acey for spriting the heads, headswap, stance and hyper port.


Download Quicksilver

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