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By aPoCaLyPsE

Date Created: 11/26/2007

Date Complete: 05/15/2009 - Operation: Mayday

Current Beta: 2.0 (Released MayDay May 15th, 2009)

Last Updated: August 9th, 2009

Current Overall Progress 90% (Final Phase)

Punisher Develoment Team

aPoCaLyPsE - Mastermind Creator, Spriter, Intermediate Coder

Excursion - Advanced Coder, Assistant Spriter, Consultant

WuCash - Assistant Spriter, Beta Tester, Consultant

About MvC Punisher:

Punisher was an idea start originally from two different moments in time; originally by "EvilRock81" in 2006 and by aPoCaLyPsE in 2007 with no relations with each other. Punisher progress from "Evilrock81" slowly becamed to a roll and evenutally set as a backburner W.I.P, while later in 2007, aPoCaLyPsE made his debut to the Mugen World by announcing workings of his first Work In Progress character, Punisher.

Started in November 07, initially, aPoCaLyPsE never had plans for Punisher's development to last much more then 5 or 6 months but after meeting with Excursion, the two Mugen creators joined forces bringing aPoCaLyPsE's Edits and "EvilRock81"'s edits and merged them in what we like to call the "Punisher Project".

With this recent merge and newly found affiliation, aPoCaLyPsE is invited to meet with a third party also interested in the "Punisher Project" and the current development; WuCash. Together with Excursion's experience, aPoCaLyPsE's drive, and "WuCash"s motivation, the three parties formed a thriple threat to shake the Mugen World and raise the bars of creavitity that much higher.

Download The Punisher

  • Filesize includes custom intro and outrto storyboards with custom MP3 tracks. Sorry ;p

More Development Information: [1]

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