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By: Sabaki

Release Date: 2008

Current Release: August 28, 2013


Creation History

Psylocke's my third contribution to the EOH project. Instead of just making her 100% exact to MvC2, I wanted her to have a new, updated feel. So, playing with a few concepts, I made Psylocke similar to her MvC counterpart, but gave her some brand new moves that would help to boost her defense, tricky style of gameplay, etc.

Going into X-Men: Second Coming and Avengers vs. X-Men Psylocke received some additional animations including a new stance and additional game play.


AvX Details

  • Combos: Magic
  • Launcher: D + HP
  • OTG: D,DF,F + LK (Ground or Air) or D,DF,F + PP


  • Recovery Roll
  • 2 Air Jumps

Special Moves

  • Down, Forward, Punch = PsiBlast (Ground or Air)
  • Down, Back, Punch = Hayate
  • Down, Forward, Kick = PsiBlade (Ground or Air, Press K for more damage)
  • Down, Back, Kick = PsiSword
  • Back, Forwad, Punch = PsiAdaga
  • Back, Down, Downback, Punch or Kick = Ninjitsu (press attack button again to attack)

Hyper Moves

  • Down, Forward, 2 Punches = PsiThrust (Ground or Air, press PP for second attack)
  • Down, Back, 2 Punches = Concussion
  • Down, Forward, 2 Kicks = PsiMalestrom (press K for more damage)
  • Down, Back, 2 Kicks = Veil
  • Back, Down, Downback, 2 Kicks = Illusion
  • Forward, Down, Downforward, 2 Punches =PsiButterflys


Japan Stage



Download SMvC:EOH Psylocke

Download AvX Psylocke Download AvX Psylocke's Stage

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