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By Acey, Span, Riccochet, Dampir

Date Released: May 5th, 2007

Sprites: Span, Riccochet, Dampir

Programming: Acey

Current Version: Beta 1.0


Creation History

Span was working on Poiso as was Riccochet and Dampir so they decided to work together on Poison. Eventually Span asked me to code the character and we were good to go. After the initial release I went back in and made some major overhauls to the character making the Poison you now see today. (Kind of like her backstory actually, which also went thourgh some major overhauls.)


Normal Attacks

  • D,HP = Launcher
  • D,HK = Trip
  • F,HP (close) = Throw (on the ground or in the air)

Special Attacks

  • D,F,P = Whip Wave (on the ground or in the air)
  • F,D,DF,P = Poison Uppercut
  • D,F,K = Poison Kick
  • D,B,K = Somersault Kick
  • P+K = Edi E. Striker

Hyper Attacks

  • D,F,PP = Thunder Whip
  • D,B,PP = Kiss of Death
  • D,F,KK = Hyper Poison Kick


Stage: World Warrior Arena by Acey



Download Poison

Download World Warrior Arena

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