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Pocket Characters from different universes fight for unique objectives.



A loooong time ago (2001, if I remember right) I had joined an old Pocket SNK vs CAPCOM project, with just some NeoGeo Pocket characters. At that time we had completed some characters(like my Pocket Ilusionista) using a more complex scheme of colors. Over time, participants in the projects had just disappeared.

In 2006 I reorganize the idea into a bigger project called Pocket Dimension Clash, where characters from different universes battled togheter. We had M.Bison (SF), Haggar(FF), Kakashi (Naruto) plus original characters all in the same project. An original story and an original last boss were developed but saddly, my previous forum was hacked and we lost a lot of information. MGBR had recovered and old version of the project but a lot of thigs was lost.

The idea of Pocket Dimension Clash never left my min and after talking with a friend Gates, I've decided to bring the project back.


The Pocket Dimension Clash game project is a slugfest of characters, from multiple ages and dimensions who battle against a Evil force called Khaos. who has unbalanced the universe forces by taking the Medalion of Existence, and ancient artifact that maintains the univers' harmony.


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