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by ZVitor

Version 0.75


Creation History

My favorite x-villain, i love mystique, even more after read wolverine vs mystique, i offerd to code Topper' mystique, after beg a lot he said yes, but he never finisher her sprites and didnt let me finish it, at end that was great because to look different i didnt used rogue or psylocke on this wip. so she was my bigger experience like spriter, somes bases i used: felicia, vanessa, red snake, mariah, jill, hol horse, cvs chun li, karin, elena, rose....special thanks to XFields and Gate, indirectly they taught me showing they sprite process, but even before started it, i thought, how do her power here? spiral move is the easy choise, so i did this one too, and added one counter move where she turn on her enemy, a easy code but not perfect(check this move compatibility below)


Special Attacks

Pistol Shot - Ground | Air

D, DF, F + P

More damage - Hold z

Rapid Fire - Hold y

Crouch Shot - x

Anti-air Shot

F, D, DF + P

Shapeshift - Counter

D, DB, B + P

Acrobatic Attack

D, DF, F + K

Assassin Slide

B, F + K

Hyper Attacks

Dual Machine Guns

D, DF, F + 2P

Agile Form Attack

D, DF, F + 2K

Assassin Strike – P or K to shot

D, DB, B + 2P

Shapeshift Madness

D, DB, B + 2K

Shapeshift compatibility

- Mystique use enemy anim 17229 to do this move

- If enemy dont have anim 17229, she use anim 220

- If enemy dont have anim 17229 and 220, she will do nothing and enemy will stun for few time

- If she use some of this anims, and that anim have less then 10 ticks, she will shapeshift back before attack.

- If she use some of this anims, and it have some frame with time "-1", it will bug, she will be stuck in that frame.

If you dont like the way Mystique peform this attack against some char, example at char x anim 220 is a win pose, then you can create anim 17229 to this chars, Attack moment must be time = 10, dont need CLSN boxs, dont make it so long because enemy cant hit her in that state. 17229 is a rare anim number, if some char already have it, probably it will not works fine against him.


Additional Credits

  • THX1138 for stance update
  • Mudy for Portrait and hyper portrait
  • Eclipse for Foxx intro
  • Dizzy Sprites
    • Old psylocke, white and black queen by Eclipse
    • Monet and Iceman by Z666
    • Polaris and Domino by arkadyrossovitch
    • Birdy by Twinimage
    • Psylocke by TazTheStampede
  • Shapeshift Hyper:
    • Beast, Cable, Gambit by Acey
    • Birdy by Eclipse
    • Bishop by Wucash and JETthePHOENIX
    • Deadpool by Unlimited Team
    • Emma Forst by XFields and Eclipse
    • Guido by McCready
    • Namor by SGM Team
    • Nightcrawler by Twinimage


Download Mystique

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