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Infinity MUGEN Team Creator



Location: México

Personal Site:


Role: Spriter


CVS Spriting style but also Snk, Capcom and Originals

Mugen Activities

I have done really few works, editing existing characters or helping out in the creation of others.

I have some tutorials about CVS Spriting and ocasionally help several creators with some edits.

In the IMT I contribute with my teammates with some sprites

Stuff Available

NewViolentRyuStance.gif Violent Ryu

DeadVega-GodVegabymarancv.gif Dead Vega / God Vega

stance-1.gif Mr Saikyo (size is corrected at game)

KaiSensei.gif Kai Sensei Ken

newstance.gif Sensei Ken

rafa.gif Raphael SFF

Unfinished Works

stance-2.gif Lord God Rugal

Reason: My damn HDD died on me before i did a backup of it's 50% beta!. thats why I fell in alcoholism!! (alcoholism part isnt true ..)

Goutetsustance.gif Goutetsu

Reason: Virus attacked. LapTop formatted

stance01.gif Solid Snake

Reason: same as Goutetsu

Sinttulo-1copia.gif Kim Dragon

Reason: I got bored.

Work Track

Some works of mine were used in:

IMT's Batman

Plaza's God Akuma

O Ilusionista's Anita (wip)

Scar's Sean

Polocolto's God Slayer Ken

Fallen Angel's Shadow Jin

Hope more in the near future lol


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