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Position: IMT Content Architect
Local: California
Astrological: Virgo
Home Page: My YT Channel

Biography: Info coming soon enough.


My Characters

Skullman - to be in Mega Man: Robot Master Mayhem

Quickman - to be in Mega Man: Robot Master Mayhem


Wily at the IMT Forum

Bizarnage - Cancelled

My Stages

Woodman Stage (Manic)

Fireman Stage (Manic)

Skullman Stage (Manic)

Avatar History

SpV93.png 45571929.png christmasskull.png manicjt6.gif skull_man.png

Signature History


Forum Member of the Year Award


In 2009, I was elected as the Forum Member of the Year for Infinity Mugen Team. I'd like to thank all of Infinity as thanks for electing me, as I've been in the community for a long time, and have enjoyed the time here, as I still will. ;)

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