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Position: Infinity MUGEN Team Administrator
Local: U.S.A.
Astrological: Cancer
Home Page: Infinity Mugen Team

Biography: I have been playing fighting games for many years starting with Street Fighter 2. Out of all the different fighters I have played over the years I like the 2 Vs 2 tag system games the best.

The Megaman series has always been my favorite series other then Street Fighters. Throughout the many years of playing different fighters I have had many ideas for characters.

After playing Megaman in Marvel Vs Capcom I have always wanted to see the different Robot Masters in Vs style.

Mugen has fulfilled my dream of creating the characters I always wanted to see in a fighter; and probably will never see.

Making / spriting characters is lots of fun and it serves as a great hobby for me.



  • Robot Master Mayhem (RMM) Project Leader
  • IMT Content Architect

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