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Infinity Mugen Team News Reporter

About me

Location:Buenos Aires,Argentina


Profile: My story started aproximately arround a year and a half ago. One morning i was at a break at university classes when a friend of mine told me about what M.U.G.E.N was I was pretty surprised and at the same time excited about the concept itself After testing out stuff,i started to do what any newcomer would do:downloading content any possible way One day,out of boredom,i decided to join a spanish speaking board called Decemuladores,to not only expand what i knew from ppl with experience on handling the engine but to share a common interest as well Time passed,and soon after,i decided to expand myself to other places,visiting forums like the guild or infantry Eventually,i came across over here(looking for some characters) and i started to hand arround more and more here,based on how things were coming along and the friendly atmosphere of the boards themselves After the last rebirth,i decided to modify my old username here to turn it into the current one and rejoined the new infinity forum As i didn`t have enough time between work and studies to start investigating and making my own stuff,i started to contribute in a diff way:posting releases and updates from other sites. That`s how all started here,first as a regular user,then turning into Infinity Faithful,and after that,officially received an offer for my current position as News Reporter,due to my constant assistance to the current News Team ,and soon after,becoming part of the staff itself of IMT. Even during rough times in real life,i always will find myself at Infinity as a place where i can forget about everything as spend a good time with friendly ppl arround and most importantly,enjoying what this engine called M.U.G.E.N has to offer From Argentina,this is KPT25,News Reporter from Infinity Mugen Team.

Characters/Wips:none for now

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