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Infinity Mugen Team Global Moderator

AKA: Iron Fist, Mr. 47, Assassin, King of Iron Fist, K.I.N.G.

MR.47's Location: Classified Info

Hi there ^^

I'm best known as iron fist (The king of Iron Fist). Mainly I'm a fighting game fan and fighting is my best genre. I was introduced to mugen by a friend of mine who left mugen (wasn't really into it) but he knew that I would like the idea of my favorite characters facing each other without roster limitations. I started to get into mugen in august 2006 and joined infinity shortly after. At first I was basically discovering, exploring the mugen engine and community. I've been here and there till I came to Infinity. Basically, I found Infinity to be the best mugen community around with awesome crew and ppl from all around the world, so i took Infinity as my mugen home (who wouldn't? ^^) and made a lot of new cool friends. Then I joined with my friends in the Infinity Mugen Team and nowadays we are a well known mugen team and I'm proud to be a part of the Infinity Mugen Team as always ^^.

I started like any other new mugen player (just looking for characters and stuff ^^ you know? what i've missed out on). Being a big fan of snk, capcom and other fighting game makers made mugen the best way to make my own game with my own selection of my all time favorite characters. Then after seeing some great mugen creations which sometimes exceeded the original creations I took playing a bit further and got more interested in how it all works not just playing ( understanding coding and stuff). Now I make stages for the engine and other stuff too (but no characters yet ^^). I enjoy making new stuff even more than playing now. Now after our full game is released, I wish for the IMT and myself to advance even more and bring new awesome stuff to the mugen players and community.

IMT Avatar History

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Current Projects:

Adon in EOH vs Style. MvC:EoH Adon

Infinity Mugen Team Batman IMT:BatMan

Preview Video By: Acey

EOH Captain Mar-Vell With My Friend Acey

Released M.U.G.E.N Characters

-Adon-VS.Style/EOH Version- -Captain-Marvell- Download Cap-Mar-Vell from Acey's Page

adonintro1.gif adonintro1.gif

Released M.U.G.E.N Backgrounds/Stages

airport.jpgclubjamika.jpgfactory.jpgwinterislandnight.jpgunderconstruction.jpgtreesroad.jpgNowhere.png 52210327.png

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