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Compatible with High-Res mugen screen packs such as WinMugen Plus. For the Mugen 1.0 version please see International Mugen Tournament (Mugen 1.0).


Release Notes

Happy birthday to me and all my October birthday compadres. Last week while searching the forum I found a lot of recent requests for high res screen packs that could hold large amounts of characters so this felt like a good time to put together a new screen pack with a variety of customizable mugen options. So customizable in fact that we ended up developing two separate screen packs, IMT Red and IMT Blue.


  • Choose between three different Select Screens, which allows 336 characters, 1,344 characters or the menu select system that will allow up to 8,400 characters
  • Or you can use the IMT Screen Pack Selector to allow the use of all 3 Screen Pack without overwriting the files of each separate select.def
  • Full audio matching the feel for each screen pack, including system sounds and background music
  • Custom graphics never before seen in any mugen setting
  • Never before released high res version 1.0 EoH Lifebars


  • Each color version of the screen pack supports a different feel, fitting the needs of most high res mugen users



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