International Mugen Tournament (Mugen 1.0)

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Compatible with Mugen 1.0 released by elecbyte.


Release Notes

Both versions of the IMT screen pack come with the Mugen game engine fully integrated.


  • Contains Elecbyte's January 2011 Mugen 1.0 release
  • All original graphics have now been upgraded to HD quality
  • Fully animated Load screen, Title screen, Option screen, Select screen and Versus Screen
  • Custom Fonts
  • Custom Soundtrack
  • Blue Version - Custom EoH version 1.0 lifebars complete with all new custom fight texts
  • Red Version - Custom XSC version 1.0 lifebars complete with all new custom fight texts
  • All new FightFX file with custom hitsparks and upgraded hitsounds, all matching mugen standards
  • Portrait 9000 [0,2] compatability with mugen standards
  • Includes the new "Victory Quote" screen
  • As seen before, this screen pack allows for a variety of select screen layouts, and due to popular request this also includs a new 4th, smaller roster variation:

Variation 01 - Holds up to 8,400 characters Variation 02 - Holds up to 1,344 characters Variation 03 - Holds up to 344 characters Variation 04 - Holds up to 70 characters (which is set to hide excess squares unless filled with a character)

IMT(Blue).png IMT(Red).png


Download IMT Screen Pack (Blue)

Download IMT Screen Pack (Red)

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