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Infinity Mugen Team (also abbreviated as IMT) is a group of individuals from around the world, brought together as creators and designers for the fighting game engine known as M.U.G.E.N. Infinity was founded in the Summer of 2006 by Eternaga and eSkRo to be an organization separate from the politics and calamities often associated with the M.U.G.E.N community and has since become a popular resource for locating content to use in the game engine.

Today IMT produces multiple M.U.G.E.N related projects and continues to work towards unity within the M.U.G.E.N community.


IMT Core Team Members

IMT has a large crew of Contributors, Creators, Infinity Faithful's and Infinity Artist's. The names listed below are the current core team members:


IMT Administrators are those in the core team who make day to day decisions about and financially keep the website, wiki, blog and the forum up and running.

Core Team

The Infinity Core Team consists of Mugen Creators, Global Moderators and the News Staff

Forum Staff

The IMT Forum Staff are members who work hard every day to moderate the forum and keep the community cohesive.

Content Managers

  • Unoccupied

Database Moderators

  • Unoccupied


  • Unoccupied

Inactive Core Team

Inactive IMT are those who are active members of the IMT but unavailable for certain durations.

Retired Team members

Retired IMT include previous team members who either left the team on good terms or who were asked to leave.

Retired Moderators



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