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Infinity 2011 Release Party is the annual IMT Release Party. This year features 10 all new characters, 20 massive updates, 22 stages and the 1.0 releas of the X-Men: Second Coming game.




Boy did we ever paint ourselves into a corner... hot on the heels of our Summer/Fall Filtered HD character shenanigans we have another event long planned that must simply go on. Starting October 7th, we will be celebrating Elecbyte's move last January into Mugen 1.0 by providing even more content for it. So if you just sat by the sidelines all year refusing to convert up from your WinMugen to Mugen 1.0 then now is the time to finally pull the trigger. And for all those already cruising on Mugen 1.0, we'll be bringing you a little reward.

With that said we hope to wrap up the HD party will just cases filled with mugen content but if we can't get it all out by the 7th don't worry, we'll just have to keep it all running until either we faint or until the severs explode. IMT Ganbare!


Friday - October 7th

Saturday - October 8th

Sunday - October 9th

Monday - October 10th

Tuesday - October 11th

Wednesday - October 12th

Thursday - October 13th

Friday - October 14th

Saturday - October 15th

Sunday - October 16th

Monday - October 17th

Tuesday - October 18th

Wednesday - October 19th

Thursday - October 20th

Friday - October 21st

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