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The Infinity Release Party 2008 was the first major public release of Marvel vs. Capcom: Eternity of Heroes characters and stages. Also included were various other characters and stages created by the Infinity Mugen Team. In total, 28 characters, 13 stages, EoH lifebars and a major MvC EoH full game update were released.



February 12th

February 13th

February 14th

February 15th

February 16th

February 17th

February 18th

February 19th

February 20th

February 21st

February 22nd

February 23rd

February 24th

February 25th

February 26th

February 27th

  • MvC:EoH LifeBars by Luffy

February 28th

  • Club Jamika (DeeJay) Stage by Iron Fist
  • MvC Character Making Template

February 29th, HAPPY LEAP YEAR!

March 1st

March 2nd

March 3rd

March 4th

March 5th

March 6th

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