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Index is a term for the possition of each color on a palette. In M.U.G.E.N, the most important index color of the palette is index 0. Whichever color is set in index 0 will be the transparent color in the mugen character.

(the pink is sitting in idex 0) Pal.png


Indexing using Fighter Factory

There are many ways to set the palette in each sprite the will be used in a M.U.G.E.N character. Those familiar with graphic programs are often familiar with the method of doing such in their own software. Below is one way using Fighter Factory.


Prepare Your Palette

  • Select the Palattes Edit module in Fightor Factory. You should see this screen:

Palettes Edit Screen

  • Under Image or Palette select the red open image button and open one of your character's sprites (preferably one of the stance sprites, although any will do).
  • Select Optimize at the bottom-right hand side. This will reduce your current image's palette to 256 colors.
  • On the right hand side palette click on the first color, hold shift, and click the last color. This should select all the colors in the right hand side palette.
  • Inbetween the two palettes is a button named Transfer Selection and one named Transfer Colors. Clicking these in succession will transfer the colors from the right hand palette to the left hand palette.

Set Index 0

Now, that you have a usable palette in the left hand side of the Pelettes Edit option in Fighter Factory it is important to make sure the color that you want to become transparent is set as index 0. This will require you to swap it with which ever color there is right now.

(Hint: If you followed the previous steps then all the colors in the right hand palette are selected. You can deselect the palette by clicking on any single color within the palette.)

  • On the right hand side palette click on the color on the palette that is the characters background color. (If you have troulbe finding the correct color, select the background color on the sprite for assistance. Once you find the correct color on the palette make sure you actually click that color onit on the palette below.)
  • On the left hand palette click on index 0 on the palette.
  • Select the Transfer Colors icon to move the color from the right to index 0 on the left.
  • This same process will need to be repeated in order to place the color that is in index 0 on the right hand side into the spot on the left where the background color used to be.
  • By using this process you have simply swapped the two colors on the left hand palette.
  • Your palette is now ready, make sure to Save this new palette by selecting the Blue Save option on the left.

Apply Corrected Palette to All Sprites

Now, you must run all of your sprites through the palette editor. You can do this as a single batch process. Before continuing we suggest that you close and open back up the Palettes Edit module.

  • On the far left select Add to select the group of sprites you wish to apply your new palette to.
  • Once you added the sprite select the BlueOpen button to load the palette you created in the previous option.
  • Select the Apply the palette on the images button to complete the process.

Video Demonstration

A video showing the indexing process made by Spidermew is available on Youtube. Index Demonstration

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