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by ZVitor

Sprites: ZVitor

Programming: Kong & ZVitor

Release Date: August 27, 2013

Version: Mugen 1.0


Creation History

Usually i like to start code from zero, but Kong did a good job here with his helpers, and i hate to syncronize helpers, so used his code like base to this char too, added Sei' hair ideia + a lot of fun ideias from comics, cartoon and other games. one of my favorite XSC chars.


AvX Details


  • Up, Up = Ice Platform

Special Moves

  • Down, Forward, Punch = Icebeam (Ground or Air)
  • Down, Back, Punch = Ice Wall
  • Down, Forward, Kick = Ice Board (Ground or Air)
  • Down, Back, Kick = Ice Shards

Hyper Moves

  • Down, Forward, 2 Punches = Arctic Attack (Ground or Air)
  • Down, Back, 2 Punches = Ice Armor Attack
  • Down, Forward, 2 Kicks = Super Ice Board
  • Down, Back, 2 Kicks = Deep Freeze (Enemy will trip randomly)


Wundagor Mountain by Acey



Additional Credits

  • Sei Iceman concept
  • Iced, Ilusionista, Orochi Gill and Cybaster for test.
  • Acey hyper port.


Download Iceman

Download Iceman Stage

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