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This tutorial will address how to add or change character portaits in Mugen by the use of Fighter Factory.

Default Portrait Characteristic

Sprite Group Sprite Number Dimentions Title Description
9000 0 25 x 25 Small Portrait Select Screen and lifebar
9000 1 120 x 140 Large Portrait Select Screen and versus Screen before a fight
9000 2 320 x 125 Victory Portrait Victory Screen following a fight

All portraits in mugen need to be 256 colors with the transparent color set to index 0. More information on palettes and indexing can be found here.

Switching Portrait

Step 1) Open the character in Fighter Factory.

Step 2) Select the sprites icon from the top menu as shown in the graphic below.


Step 3) Select the magnifying glass from sprites menu on the left as shown in the graphic below.


Step 4) Type in the sprite group and sprite number you are looking for and click OK.

Step 5) Now you should be looking at the sprite you wish to replace. Select the replace button and locate the sprite on your computer that you wish to use to replace the old portrait. Click Open once located.


Step 6) Your new sprite should now be showing in fighting factory. With default mugen portraits the X-axis and Yaxis should be set to 0 in both cases.

Step 7) Save and close.

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