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Adding stages to a mugen game is fairly simple and follows a two step process.


Stage Files

Each stage includes 3 files:

  • stagename.def
  • stagename.sff
  • stagename.mp3 (this may be another type of sound file such as WAV, MOD, OGG or MID)

These first 2 files are kept in the stages folder while the third file is usually kept in the sound folder. The author of a stage can change these general parameters through the stagename.def.


There are two ways to add stage files to your mugen game place.

Character Assigned Stages

A stage can be assigned to each character. For example the stage baxter.def below is assigned to the character Human Troch.

HumanTorch, stages/baxter.def

This stage will now show up as a selectable stage in versus modes. Additional code can also be used to determine the use of the stage and the arcaded order of the character.

HumanTorch, stages/baxter.def, includestage=1, order=1

Through the use of this additional code you can make the stage unselectbale in the versus game play screen.


Extra Stages

At the bottom of the select.def is a section labeled [ExtraStages] where stages not assigned to a specific character can be placed in order to be selected in the versus modes. These do not require a character name to precede the code so the code would look be as follows:


Often programmers will decide to make all the character stages set as includestage=0 so they can insert the stage again in the [ExtraStage] section of the file and arrange the order of apperance as prefered.

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