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A Screen Pack or Motif is a set of sounds and graphics the display the design of the mugen game. A Screen Pack may include most or all of the following elements.

  • Game Intro
  • Title Screen
  • Options Screen
  • Select Screen
  • Versus Screen
  • Win Quote Screen
  • Game Ending
  • Lifebars

Installing a Screen Pack

In general a screen pack can be installed by taking all of the files packed in the screen pack and copying them into the main mugen folder. In some cases the files may need to be copied into the mugen/data folder. Screen pack authors should include instructions with the screen pack the explains where the files should be put if not one of the two mentioned standards.

Pre-Installed Screen Pack

With the release of Mugen 1.0 elecbyte has included a new License Agreement that states that when an author releases a screen pack they are free to include the mugen.exe file in the download pakcage. Because of this new Mugen 1.0 screen packs often come with Mugen and therefor the need to install a screen pack is negated.

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