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Although each mugen screen pack comes with a set of lifebars, often the user may wish to install lifebars from a different screen pack.

Extract Lifebars for a screen pack

Step 1) Find and open the fight.def file located in the data/ folder. Often the fight.def file may be located in another sub-folder located in the data/ folder.

Step 2) At the top of the fight.def folder is a list of files necessary for the lifebars to function. Copy these files, including the folder that contains them to a separate location.

The files copied should include the following:

  • Fight.def = The main defintion file that lists the names of all the necessary files associated with the lifebar.
  • Fight.sff = The lifebar graphic file.
  • Fight.snd = The lifebar sound file.
  • FightFX.air = The main animation file for the hit sparks.
  • FightFX.sff = The hit sparks graphic file.
  • FightFX.snd = The hit sound file.
  • Various fonts = These are typically found in the font/ folder rather than the data/ folder.

Install Lifebars into a screen pack

Step 1) In the data folder open the mugen.cfg file. In this file look for the code "Motif =" and take note of the location of the system.def file.

Step 2) Open the system.def file. In this file look for the code "Fight =" and take note of the location of the fight.def file.

Step 3) Copy the lifebar files into the location listed in the system.def file. Typically this will cimply be in the data/ folder but often it could be a sub-folder within the data/ folder.

Also take note that the font files may either need to be included in the data/ folder or in the font/ folder. You can learn the intended location of the font files by opening the fight.def and taking note of the locations listed for the font files.

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