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Adding characters in folders

Each mugen character should be located in their own folder which is placed inside the "chars" folder. For example let's use [Ryu] by Scar. After downloading this character extract the zip file.

1) Move the folder Ryu_MvC into the \chars folder in your mugen directory. 2) Open the file \data\select.def 3) Anywhere under the line [characters] type Ryu_MvC 4) Save and close the select.def file. Now Ryu is available in the mugen game.

You can add multiple characters this way just by adding each new character beneith the previous one on a new line. Below are some addition details about adding characters to your game:

1) If the def file located in the character's folder has a different name than the folder name then you will need to type out the folder name as well as the full title of the def file. It would look like this


2) Each mugen screen pack allows for a different amount of characters to be added to each line of the select screen. This is determined by the [Select Info] section of the data\system.def file. The original mugen default is 2 rows of 5 characters each. You can install any one of various premade screen packs.

Additional Information

You can add additional data to each character's line to determine additional properties.


With this code a specific stage will be selected when this character is the opponent in Arcade mode.

Required Parameters:




Include Stage

You can determin if the stage listed is selectable in the game's stage select option or omitted

Required Parameters:

  IncludeStage = (int)
      1 = yes
      0 = no


  Includestage = 0


This allows you to create a fight order with your characters in conjunction with the [Options] section in the select.def file

Required Parameters:

  Order = (int)
      The (int) is a value between 1 and 10 and the character will be made the opponent
      based on the permaters of the [Options] Section of the select.def file. 


  Order = 3

Combined Example

This is an example of how the text might look with multiple characters in the select.def file


Adding characters in a zip archive

Characters contained in a zip archive can be used within the mugen game. This is often desirable in order to save space on the user's computer.

1) Download [[1]] and move to file into the \plugins folder. 2) Open the data\mugen.cfg file and search for the "Winamp-compatible plugins" section. 3) Add the following line of code to the plugins section.

    plugin = plugins/zlib.dll, zip

4) Save and close mugen.cfg

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