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By Acey

Sprites: Acey

Programming: Acey

Voice: UMvC3 Haggar ripped by MGMurrow

Original Release: May 5, 2009

Current Release: December 25, 2013

Current Version: Mugen 1.0


Creation History

In 2009 there was no complete version of Mike Haggar in Mugen. A few spriters had started to make Haggar but never finished. Eventually I took the time to combine the sprites for two different unfinished versions and fill in all of the gaps of missing sprites as well. In the end I learned that hard lesson that sometimes it is quicker to start from scratch rather than change what someone else had already started. This version was released in 2009.

HaggarStance.gif HaggarPunch.gif

Once Marvel vs. Capcom 3 was release a few years later a new standard for Haggar was established. I decided o update Haggar with these new moves and animations. This version takes all of the attacks from the game and reimagines him as a 2D, 6 button character. All of the combos and strategies from Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 are in this character coupled with new tactics based on the 2009 version I created. All of his damage values come directly from Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 at 46% of it's full value in order to maintain balance within the Mugen environment.


Hold "Start" while selecting Haggar to switch from MvC3 announcer to MvC2 announcer.

Character History

Mike Haggar, once professional wrestler and Mayor of Metro City uses his wrestling expertice to keep the street of his fair city clean and to save his kidnapped daughter, Jessica.


Normal Moves

  • F,HP = Pipe Attack (Dizzy)
  • D,HP = Launcher
  • D,HK = Trip (OTG)
  • U,HP (in the air) = Headbutt (Dizzy)
  • D,HP (in the air) = Pipe Attack (Ground Bounce)


  • F,HP = Forward Grab
  • B,HP = Back Grab
  • HP (while holding) = Supplex
  • HP (during Supplex) = Double Supplex
  • D (while holding) = Drop Opponent (Dizzy)

Special Moves

  • D,F,LP = Violent Axe light (special attack)
  • D,F,MP = Violent Axe (throw)
  • D,F,HP = Violent Axe (air throw)
  • F,D,DF,P = Hoodlum Launcher (hard version causes a Ground Bounce)
  • KK = Double Lariat
  • F,D,B,P = Spinning Piledriver
  • F,D,B,K = Pile Driver
  • F,D,B,P (in the air) = Skyhigh Back Drop

Hyper Moves

A level 1 hyper requires one level of hyper meter in order to perform the hyper attack. A level 3 hyper requires two levels of hyper meter and does more damage than a level 1 hyper.

  • D,F,PP (level 1) = Rapid Fire Fists (last hit causes a Ground Bounce)
  • D,B,PP (level 3) = Final Haggar Buster
  • F,D,DF,PP (level 1) = Giant Haggar Press
  • D,B, KK (level 1) = Giant Double Lariat



Stage: Haggar Metro stage by xboy



Download Mike Haggar

Download Haggar's Metro Stage

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