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by and ZVitor

Version 1.0



The ideia to made John Stewart for mugen came when i played DFighter Revolution. At start i used DFighter' sprites modified, but i decide make my own. With some friends help, Cormano and Azrael Genekiss, i made the final look for john. So i saw one topic with Diogro showing some of his sprites. I ask permiss to use them and he sent to me all his edits. With ZVitor Help i finally finished my first mugen char. John Stewart will be part of “Crisis in the MUGEN Multiverse” project from CVGUnited.


Special Attacks

Shot of Will - Ground | Air | Fly mode

D, DF, F + P

Green Weaponry

D, DF, F + K

Sword of Lanterns

F, D, DF + P

Oan Drill

B, F + K

Oan Charge - Ground | Air

B, F + P

Lightcopter - Start to cancel

D, DB, B + P

Oath Shield - Ground | Fly mode | Start to cancel

D, DB, B + K

Fly - Ground | Air

D, DB, B + 2K

Hyper Attacks

Oan Gatling

D, DF, F + 2P

Piston of Willpower

F, D, DF + 2P

Light Shot

D, DF, F + 2K

Beware my power - Start to cancel

D, DB, B + 2P


Additional Credits

  • Cormano for suport and help with somes edits
  • Diogro for let me use his old wip
  • Kong for Sprites Rips
  • JasonTodd,Spooky and Z999 for help with ideia and sprites.
  • Wucash for Justice League Heroes Sounds
  • Mambojambo for open source Hall jordan Sprites
  • Alucard for let me use some of his Batman sprites
  • Azrael Genekiss and Tooya for suport.
  • Kojunho sounds edits
  • Aquelegordo and Gate for Beta Test
  • DC Template Characters Created by Buyog


Download Green Lantern

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