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by ZVitor

Version 2.0



First Version

I started Green Arrow with another ideia "Now, is my time to help Acey, will make a Marvel Char", looking for Daredevil base in Captain America i saw the perfect archer hands movement in his dizzy pose, "a char made in 15 days", a simple char to code, almost all specials and hypers are projectile, and simple to sprite, i dont make any change in captain legs, only got some new poses with frankspriting captain america + captain america.

Second Version

I always planed update my old chars, i started Green Arrow with some Intermission sugestions, but i keep for future to keep focus in new wips, Jasontodd made a personal edit, the classic version [Here], and then it bring me back to GA,i mixed JT Head and boots edits with intermission colors, gloves, belt and mustache, Green Arrow was my first big experience with mugen code, almost one year later release him i learned some news tricks, so i upgraded the code too, to make him more unique and solid.



Normal Arrow - Hold punch for Rapid fire | horizontal shot in air

Crounch - D, DF, F + x

Normal - D, DF, F + y

Diagonal - D, DF, F + z

Trick Arrow - Release kick for shot | Diagonal shot in air

Smoke - D, DF, F + a

Shock - D, DF, F + b

Bomb - D, DF, F + c

High Shot

Close - D, DB, B + x

Middle - D, DB, B + y

Far - D, DB, B + z

Grappling Hook Arrow

Pull - D, DB, B + a

Diagonal - D, DB, B + b

Vertical - D, DB, B + c


Quick Shot - Special effect if in team with Buyog's Hall Jordan

D, DF, F + 2P

Mine Arrow

D, DB, B + 2P

Black Canary

D, DB, B + 2K

Patriot Act Arrow - Level 3

D, DF, F + P + K

Weak Point Arrow

D, DF, F + 2K

Weak Point list

Each Weak Point arrow have a different efect, sonic for exemple dont make damage, only drain power. If u have some of this chars and they are not affected by arrow, try change his name in tag "name" inside of .def file to one of this names...

Green Kryptonite

Superboy - Kon-El - KonEl - Superman - Super Girl - Power Girl

Blue Kryptonite


Emp Arrow

Ironman - Ironman DCvsM

Marvel vs. Capcom's WarMachine - War Machine - WarMachine

Dr doom - DrDoom - Dr. Doom - Vision - Batman Beyond

Lex Luthor - Sentinel - Cyborg Superman

Cyborg - Steel - Forge - Red Tornado - Songbird

Fire Arrow

Ice - Martian Manhunter - Iceman - Ajax

Cryogenic Arrow

Homem Borracha - Plastic Man - Omega Red - Human Torch

Mr. Fantastic - Fire - Sunfire - ElongatedMan

Sonic Arrow

Carnage - Venom - Daredevil - Symbiote Spider-Man

Wolvenom - Agony - venomscorp

Boomerang Arrow

Flash - Boomerang - Black Cat - Gambit - Spider-Man 2099

Spiderman - Nightcrawler - The Beast - Beast - Psylocke

Quicksilver - SJA Flash - Elektra - Psylocke_EOH

Robin Tim Drake - Batman - Nightwing - Robin

Net Arrow

Angel - Hawkman - Hawkgirl - Hobgoblin - Vulture - Green Goblin

CannonBall - Storm - Banshee

Energy Pulse

Bishop - Strong Guy - Miss Marvel - Parasite - Wonderman - Silver Surfer - Sentry

Captain Marvel - Captain Marvell


Darkseid - Galactus - Mongul DCvsM - Thanoseid - Thanos

Symbiote Onslaught - Onslaught - Dr. Doomsday - Dr. Strangefate - Doomsday

Boxe Glove


Additional Credits

Second Version

  • Jasontodd for his head and boot edits
  • Intermission for color and costumes sugestions
  • L@nce Upercut for Black Canary Base sprite
  • Wucash for Sounds riped from Justice League Heroes
  • Kageuchi for line effects
  • Aquelegordo and Kojunho for Upgrade Speedy to Red Arrow
  • Aquelegordo, Kojunho ,Gate and Wucash for test
  • Gate for help with somes Atom sprites, extra pallets and default portrait
  • Tchongo and Crow for DCvM Portrait

First Version

  • DC Template Characters - Created by Buyog2099
  • UltraRoboNinja for sounds (again)
  • Kojunho for Red Arrow sprites (with Deanjo base)
  • Crow for DCvM portrait
  • Tchongo for mustache edit


Download Green Arrow

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