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Infinity MUGEN Team Original

Astrological Sign: Cancer

Age: 37

Born: July 19, 1976 / Mexicali, Baja California Mexico

Resides: Indio, California

Mugen Debut: 1999

Website: Infinity MUGEN Team



The year was 1999, Around this time I was into going onto automotive forums, even thou back then there was not that many I looked and looked until I found one that I like. During my search I found out about this MUGEN project that many people started to talk about. Me thinking it was in reference to the car parts made for Honda "MUGEN" decided to look into it and to my surprise it was about a gaming project.

I have always like video games since the good old Atari 2600. Me and my friends will always battle each other from morning till night fall. We also talk about and wonder who will win if this character fought this character and how it will go down. So without hesitation I decided to join the MUGEN world.

My first MUGEN version was the DOS version and I really got into it, I started first looking into all the posibilities that this game system can and will probably do in the future. I actually wrote to Elecbyte asking them if they could explain something on there DOS version that I had trouble understanding but I never got a real responce back from them . All I got from them was "Where did you get this version" and if I was a paying customer, I was like "excuse me, paying customer", and that's my one and only conversation with them.

Well after I got tired of trying to understand the whole DOS system I found MCM and gave it a shot at making my first character. Back then fighter factory was not around so I really didnt have that much of a choice. I started working on who else.....Goenitz, I got about 40% percent done when my hard drive crashed, when I could not restore it back I decided to abandon him and just go back to the forum and help the new people out with any question that they might have just like I was a few months ago when I started.

I decided to start a forum called M&M short for (Mirrow MUGEN) with a couple of friends and to my surprise we got around 350 members only in the first 3 weeks of the forums short live life. Then so-called Elecbyte members, they claim they were Elecbyte members but we never found out the truth, started telling our forum provider that we ilegally posted there copyright stuff all over our forum and they decided to shut it down. Since I really got into MUGEN I decided to purchase a domain and start M&M again but many of my friends had different ideas as many other MUGEN forums started to surface and they decided to leave and join them.

I decide to leave MUGEN in late 2000 early 2001 becuase of personal issues, and even thou I was not into MUGEN like I was before I still thought about it a bit. I keep thinking if it was still alive and growing or if it slowly died off in the time that I was away. Even thou I thought about it I never went back to it becuase my personal life came first, then after my son was born I started spending so much time at home and that MUGEN itch started again and guess what, Goenitz was back.

I came back a few years ago and joined Mugenguild since it was the first MUGEN forum that popped up when I google MUGEN, but my return was not as plesant as I thought it will be. A certain person that will remain nameless but you could find this person in every MUGEN game out there decided he was the law and did not appreciate me telling someone how he could get some characters. We got into a big discussion and next thing I know I was banned from every major MUGEN forum around at that time.

After that little incident I searched for any other forum that I was not banned from and I bumped into a small forum called Marvel MUGEN. There I meet a couple of guys that eventally will start a forum by the name of Infinity a few months later. At the same time I was opening my new forum KOF Generations. I worked on my forum and finished it but never opened it publicly; it was by invitation only. Then a couple of future ex-Infinity members came and asked me to come over and hang out with them, so I did, not as a Infinity member but as a regular member. To my surprise it was every person I knew at the old Marvel MUGEN so I decided to stay.

After being here at Infinity for a bit I got a invite to join the Infinity team and excepted, a few months later that's when all the rebirths started to happen, one after another thanks to that same certain person I had mention before, but we where able to handle anything that they threw at us and manage to come out with our heads up. My forum KOF Genrations was also hacked during this time, I started to rebuild it but after a couple of days I abandoned the rebuilt and decided to just stay here at Infinity for good.

During one of our rebirths, actaully our last one to be precise I just had it, I was sick and tired of the moving around and decided to purchase a domain so me, my friends and all present Infinity members could have there own two legs to stand on, instead of relying on borrow ones that could be tripped at any moment like before and to this WWW.INFINITYMUGENTEAM.COM was born. I have been here since the original and will probaly be here till the end of my MUGEN days.

I left MUGEN for a bit again early this year to take care of personal business. I open a couple of arcades around the southern California area so I needed to attend them for a bit. But as you can see I'm back again here at Infinity. This is my second family and I like it here so back off, lol jk.


Avatars History

Goenitz_Final.gif Goenitz-3-1.gif goentizavatarom6.gif goe-eyes.gif goenitz-2.jpg GoenitzSVC.jpg GoenitzSF3-ALT.gif Goenitz.gif

Signature History

orochi-1.gif Goenitzsig.png orochi-2.jpg infinitybanner.jpg

KOF Generations


KOF Generations was my second forum I created (Mirror Mugen 1999-2000 being the first) and ran with two good friends. It was a kick back place where we will help new and current mugen members with any question, problem or concern that someone might have about mugen. It was and invitation only forum with only 79 members so many of you probably never heard of it or where not able to get in.

It was smooth sailing till around late 2005 or early 2006 when the forum was hacked by an idiot that kept saying we where a warehouse. He was able to gain access of the forum and clean it out completely, from posts all the way to our member list. We where left just with and empty page and a whole lot of rebuilding. But dont worry he got what he deserve, Can any one say "Blue screen of death"

It took a few months to get the forum back up and running. I started to give out invitations like I originally did the first time around. I brought in VKM and Zero current Infinity forum members to help me out with the final touches to the forum and for the grand re-opening since it was going to be a public forum this time around. During the last touches to the forum my family over at Infinity Mugen Team had a member turn rouge and decided to give out some classified info about them so I told them they could use the KOF Generations forum as there own while they get back on there feet, since I had not made it public yet. Once my Infinity family had there new home set up, I decided to do some post cleaning and was going to open the forum when tragedy struck again. Another hacker got in and clean me out once again, shit... I decided to rebuilt once again but stop half way threw and decided to commit to my Infinity family full time putting KOF Generations on permanent hold for good.

After 2 1/2 years KOF Generations stop operations in mid 2006.

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