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Current Infinity Mugen Team Global Moderator

Located: South Texas, USA

Age: 30

Forum History:

G Lux joined Infinity after the 3rd Rebirth in August 2007, although he maintained a low profile until the end of the year when "Marvel vs Capcom: Eternity of Heroes" made it's debut. His enthusiasm and technical support (sound issues) for the game earned him the "Infinity Faithful" tag. Later in 2008, after taking the initiative to calm down a disagreement that arouse over someone claiming full credit for an edited character, Infinity took interest in how he had handled the matter with words and reason rather than agitating the matter further and soon after asked him to join the moderation staff. From there, he proved to be a helpful asset to the forums and became a Global Mod and full member of the team in March 2009.

Mugen History:

G Lux credits his introduction to Mugen to coming across Ethan Lives and O Ilusionista's "Street Fighter: Special Ops" characters when he was in college sometime in 2001. He would go to his friend's house and they would search for all kinds Mugen related material, much to his friends approval as well.

According to him, he doesn't make content for mugen because he's terrible with coding and sprite editing, even though he claims to have figured out how to add content like characters and stages and tweak settings in Mugen without reading any help docs. To his credit however, his inability in content creation is replaced by his forum presence. More often that not, you'll find him on the forum at all times of the day, especially times when other members of the team are working away at their projects and can't be on the forum. In fact, he's probably on the forum right now.

Fun Facts:

He had joined the Mugen Fighters Guild in 2005 (the first public forum of any kind he ever joined) but had forgotten his password and did not remember in until 2009.

He played Mugen at his friend's house because at the time the WinMugen port was not out and his home computer would not run the MS-Dos version.

During April Fool's 2010, he retired from the team and took the identity of the now infamous "CAPSLOCK". He committed to persona for an entire two months before revealing the rouse and returning to active duty.

Avatar History:

GLux-1.png GluxAviNew.png GluxAviori.png halo2emblem3.jpg

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