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Lost in a hard drive reformat in Oct 2009 when I way playing with Windows 7 betas. Somehow I missed this folder when I backed up everything else before the reformat. (Oups and add a Obscenity) This wip was started and primarily worked on after I made Crashman and before I made Lou.

This was more of a experiment and I only worked on this once in a while. I was creating new sprites in Snes style. Then using a blowup filter I would make him the bigger size I wanted. The filter also gave him the "Hi-res" type look.

My plans were to make Frostman use all punches to attack and no kicks. So I needed to make 9 more punches and some specals and hypers. I made 3 punches, and a "Juggernaut Head Crush" hyper. Next up I had planned on making a "Juggernaut Punch" special.

I do still have Lord Sinistro's permission to use his great Power Battle Frostman as a base if ever get the interest to restart this project, or if someone would ever want to restart this project for the *Mega Man: Robot Master Mayhem game.

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