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Position: Infinity MUGEN Team Administrator
Local: Virginia Beach, VA
Astrological: Aries
Home Page: Excursion's Corner

Biography: I am a family man that loves Infinity and all therein, my roots in MUGEN go far back, all the way back to the early 2000's. The aura and mystery of Excursion culminated after a fight and debate on whether Stever76 & Excursion were one in the same. After the "new era" of MUGEN rules, none of it even matters anymore as I have built a reputation for my Excursion nickname as a coder and creator, but most importantly, as a team player. The Infinity MUGEN Team forum has become my priority. Running and upkeeping of day to day operations on the forum and server falls mostly on my shoulders. My works and releases include characters Cutman, Iceman, Symbiote Onslaught and Galactus with new works and WIP Pharaohman. I am also instrumental in helping other up-and-coming creators such as laspacho and aPoCaLyPsE with works as Metalman, Punisher, Crashman and others yet to be named.




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