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Joining up with IMT was actually very unexpected, I couldn't really believe it... I may as well be the youngest member here as well.

I've been in this Mugen Community for quite some time now. I also made my own characters starting with the MapleStory (an online video game developed by Nexon) characters. Example: CipherSIn.gif

As you can see they are...chibi characters. However they don't play like they originally do in the real game MapleStory. They play somewhat like an MvC character in my way. Since has qualities of making almost whatever you desire, then I made them the way I like.

I also moved on to other characters, especially Capcom characters.

My first character especially for IMT's Marvel vs. Capcom - Eternity of Heroes project, here's Sakura Kasugano.


I figured MvC-EoH was missing a Sakura, so here she is fully equipped with what she needed as well as the Dark Form transformation like she has in MvC2.

Since Sakura was my first Capcom character (for EoH), my first Marvel/Disney character was Remy "Gambit" LeBeau, an X-Men.


Gambit does NOT play exactly like he does in MvC2. He is mixed with X-Men vs. Street Fighter and MvC1. Also, since he is in EoH style, he has somewhat a different style of gameplay than the original. Dare to be different I guess...

You can find ALL my creations here in this website.


A big thanks goes to DarkValentine1984 for giving my creations a home. I strongly recommend joining his forum.


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