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The DC vs Marvel project is the main project of http://www.Scruffydragon.com. Started in 2003, the project has grown over the years and participation of various mugen creator. In it's current status an individule can download the pieces of the project and combine them into a playable beta version. Although the official Phase 1 was ment to be released in January 2009, the Scruffy Dragon team made a decision to delay the release in order to make sure the product is up to their standards. The game was rumored to be released during the Scruffyversary 2009 but as of current the project's status is unknown.




The DC vs Marvel project is strongly based on the 1996 crossover, but since its birth the roster has changed and now it has its own touch of indivituality far apart from the comic storyline.


  • Status: The official beta has not been released but user can compile the released screen pack, characters and stages for their own beta version.


The Scruffy Dragon team is operating under a phased approach; Phase 1 will be a unique game with a smaller roster. After phase 1 is release it will be followed by Phase 2 with a larger roster, a new boss, and a new storyline. The Phase 1 roster has been locked down, but minor changes have continued. The current roster is as follows:

Available DC VS MARVEL Available
Yes Superman vs Hulk Yes
Yes Batman vs Captain America Yes
Yes Wonder Woman vs Thor Yes
Yes Kon-El vs Strong Guy Yes
Yes Plastic-man vs Sandman Yes
Yes Ice vs Crystal Yes
Yes Green Lantern vs Ironman Yes
No (classified) vs Spider-man Yes
Yes Lobo vs Wolverine Yes
Yes Parasite vs Carnage Yes
Yes Lex Luthor vs Dr Doom Yes
Yes Thanos vs Darkseid Yes


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