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This process was developed for use with SFF files. The attached files work with a 32bit system but not a 64bit system (e.g. Windows 7 64bit).

1. Download and extract

2. Export the sprites for each of the sff files that you want to combine into one folder using Fighter Factory export to spr maker. Make sure you give a different name for each exported text file.

3. Edit the text files using notepad, copy and paste the all of the spr data (except header at the top of the text file) from one file into the second file. You are creating one text file with all of the data of the two others files.

4. Make a Bat file by making a new text file and type the following:

sprmaker.exe < yourfilename.txt

then save the text file as spr.bat

5. Put this spr.bat in the same folder as the exported sprites, the text file with the combined sff data and sprmaker.exe. Double click on spr.bat. This should give the new sff file.

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