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Cable.gif Hope.gif

By Acey

Date Released: 10-13-2011

Sprites: Acey

Programming: Acey & Kong

Current Version: Mugen 1.0


Character History

Cable first appeared as an unknown mercenary from the future who turned the young Xavier wards, the New Mutants, into the leathal team known as X-Force. Through the course of time it was discovered that Cable was actually Nathan Christopher Dayspring Summers, the grown son of X-men's Cyclops who had been sent to the future in order to survive a techno-organiz virus. Cable made it his mission to save this world from the apocalypic future he had endured which eventually brought him to care for the baby girl "Mutan Messiah" who had been the first and only mutant born following the decimation of the planet's mutant population. Cable raised the girl (who was eventually named Hope) in a future world, being tracked by Bishop who intended to kill the girl in order to avoid his own nightmarish future for ever ocuring. Under Cable tutelage, Hope grew to adulthood and eventually returned to present day where she and Cable succeeded in defeating Bastion, at the expense of Cable's life.

Creation History

Working with ZVitor in 2010 on Project X it hd become decided that the boss would be Bastion. After doing a little research I learned that the X-Men just finished a story arc called Second Coming with Bastion as the boss that also included a bunch of the X-Men in the same style we were working on in the project. After selling the idea of X-Men: Second Coming to the Project X team we knew we would need Cable and Hope. I immediatly began work on the new version of Cable with Hope as an NPC helper. The rest is history.

At this point in time I was feeling very ambitious with smart palettes. Having recently completed the new version of Astonishing Beast by hand, I knew I would have to find a fast way to get my smart palettes completed. After consulting with a good friend I found a method in Phott Shop that decreased the effort necessary to complete a smart palette by using scripts. This enabled me to finish Cable's new smart palette with enough time left over to do a complete edit of all the sprites for edit of Gambit by DCL. Now Cable can either have his traditional MvC2 costume or his more current XSC costume.

Cable.gif Cable02.gif


Game Play System

  • F,F = Dash Forward (on the ground or in the air)
  • B,B = Dash Backwards
  • D,U = Super Jump
  • F while recovering = Forward Recovery Roll
  • B while recovering = Back Recovery Roll
  • PP (While guarding) = Guard Push
  • S = Taunt

Normal Moves

  • HP = Gun Shot (press repeadedly for multiple shots)
  • F,HP = Throw (on the ground or in the air)
  • MP = Launcher
  • D,HK = Trip

Special Moves

  • D,DF,F,P = Viper Beam
  • D,DB,B,P = PsiCharge
  • D,DF,F,K = Crackdown
  • F,D,DF,P = Scimitar
  • D,DB,B,K = Time Trap

Hyper Moves

  • D,DF,F,PP = Hyper Viper
  • D,DF,F,KK = Time Flip
  • D,DB,B,KK = Telekinetic


Stage: Raising Hope by Acey



Download Cable

Download Raising Hope stage

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