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By: Laspacho

Created from Protoman By: ChAoTiC

A special thanks to Z4KaR1 for making the main head I slightly modified and used in this character.


Breakman is an alias used by Protoman in Mega Man 3. As Breakman, Protoman's helmet covers his entire head, similar to the Sniperjoe's helmets (even with the single eye). It is unknown what this transformation changed in Protoman and why he uses it but it is believed to be just a disguise to hide his identity from Dr. Light. In Mega Man 3's ending, Dr. Light recognizes Protosan's characteristic whistle, revealing that Breakman was in fact Protoman. It seems that initially Protoman was prepared to have an animation, which he transformed either into Breakman or back to normal. The animation was removed before the game's release. He instead appears without making the transformation.


Download Breakman


Download XR Blues Stage

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