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By Acey

Date Released: Feburary 19, 2007 (Carnival in Brasil, 2007)

Sprites: Acey

Programming: Acey

Current Version: 1.3


Creation History

As Infinity moved forward with the Marvel vs. Capcom: Eternity of Heroes project, I felt that I had nothing to show for it except for a bunch of half done WIPs due to the length of time it took to create original sprites. To remedy the situation I took a week off to program one of my favorite Street Fighter II characters, Blanka. As far as game play ans style are concerned, this MvC2 version of Blanka was made to follow more closely to his early Street Fighter II days rather than his Street Fighter Alpha counterpart. In further updates a few elements of Street Fighter IV has also made their way into the character as well as a new stance that will be included in the next update.

Character History

Blanka was born as Carlos Joseph, a mutant who was kept chained in a cage by frightened parents until one day when the plane they traveled in was shot down over the Brazilian Rain Forest. Carlos escaped his captivity and continued the rest of his years living in the forest, having no memory of his life as a baby mutant in a cage. From nearby villages Blanka gained his new name and through jungle survival Blanka learned many techniques that he would later employee in the second Street Fighter tournament. Returning home following the tournament. Blanka still dreams at night that he may someday find the truth about his past.


Normal Moves

  • Forward MP = Head But
  • Forward MK = Double Knee
  • HP = Launch
  • Crouch HK = Trip

Special Moves

  • Charge Back, Forward, Punch = Rolling Attack
  • Charge Back, Forward, Kick = Arch Rolling Attack
  • charge Down, Up, Kick = Vertical Rolling Attack
  • Back, Down, Forward, Punch= Ground Slide
  • Puch Rapidly = Electricity

Hyper Moves

  • Down, Forward, 2 Punches = Blanka Blitz
  • Down, Back, 2 Kicks = Hyper Electricity


Stage: The Lost Lake by Tiago Frossard



Download Blanka

Download Lost Lake

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