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Date Released: November 2, 2008 (late Halloween release)

Sprites: IMT Forum

Programming: Acey

Forum Thread: Infinity Batman WIP thread


Creation History

Early in 2007 Eternaga began early design and advertisement of a new Mugen Batman. The project was shelved but on May 16, 2008, the Infinity MUGEN Team started a forum-wide project, a Work in Progress that any and all could participate in. From the biggest challenges to the smallest details, any and all skills were utilized. Various artists lent their spriting skills to make this Batman the best graphically looking edited Batman out there in the MUGEN community. On November 2, 2008, after missing the October 31st deadline to finish the coding, a beta version of Batman was released to the public for beta testing and constructive criticism. Batman is currently still under production and future releases leading up to the version 1.0 final release will address any major problems that remain in the current build.

Character History

Having witnessed at a young age the murder of his parents, Bruce Wayne became driven to use his wealth and resources in order to rid Gotham City of evil. After traveling the world learning from the greatest masters, Bruce returned home to his Butler Alfred and mansion in Gotham where he developed the Batman persona and soon became a vigilante law enforcer.

Through the course of time Batman has trained young apprentices who would take the guise of Robin and fight crime alongside Batman. Batman has also joined earth's heroes to form the Justice League. During the day, Bruce Wayne is a billionaire industrialist but at night he is Batman, protector of the innocent.

Sprite Contributors

Being a forum wide project, multiple tallented spriters contributed to the creations of this character. Each contribution is listed below:

  • Walk Forward, Lie Dead by Cyclism
  • Walk Backwards Spooky
  • Tech Roll by Scar
  • Standing Punches, Standing Kicks, Crouching Kicks by aPoCaLyPsE
  • Crouching Light Punch by Saci
  • Crouching Medium & Hard Punch, Stand Light Kick by Excursion
  • Air Punches, Lose, Bat Grapple Hook, Smoke Bomb Throw, Hyper Armor, Vs Wonder Woman Intro by Jason Todd
  • Air Kicks, Hit Up into the Air/ Fall Down from the air by .Batzarro.
  • Throw by The_ Anvil
  • Dash Forward by Jay_High19
  • Dash Backwards by Manic
  • Stand "Get hit" by The Great Matsutzu
  • Dizzy, Batarang Throw by Dead-X
  • Crouch "Get Hit" by disisserr
  • Jump Up, Jump forward, Jump Back, Small Portrait by Maran~Sama
  • Bruce Wayne Win Pose by x-boy
  • Get Frozen, Get Burnt, Midnight Bliss by Turbanator/SKRON
  • Stance, Turn, Standing Guard,Stand to Crouch, Crouching, Crouch to Stand, Crouch Turn, Crouch Guard, Versus Portrait, Large Portrait, Hush Intro, Frank Miller Intro, Electricfied, Additional Capes, Palette & Shading Harmonization by Acey


Normal Moves

  • Forward HP = Overhead Throw
  • HP = Launch
  • Crouch HK = Trip

Special Moves

  • Down, Forward, Punch = Batarang
  • Down, Forward, Light Kick = Ice Bomb
  • Down, Forward, Medium Kick = Electric Bomb
  • Down, Back, Kick = Bat Grappling Hook (in air)
  • Down, Medium Kick = Bat Glide

Hyper Moves

  • Down, Forward, 2 Punches = Multi Batarang
  • Down, Forward, 2 Kicks = Gas Bomb
  • Down, Back, 2 Punches = "I'm Batman"
  • Down, Back, 2 Kicks = "Bat Armor"


Batman is currently under revision again for the DC: The Dark Knight Project with programming by Iron Fist and more sprite editing by Acey.


This version of Batman, once released, is expect to be the first character released for the DC project.


Stage: Batcave by Dead-X



Batman Beta version 1.0 Download

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