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by THX1138 and ZVitor

Version 0.3




When i first started do build this char, i made it just by curiosity, When i doscovered MUGEN at 3 years ago, i didn't have any idea that someday i wold be working on a mugen wip, so here i am. I saw Mole's batgirl version based on Cammy's sprites and at first my goal was to enhance that wip, but in time i've decided not to use any of that sprites, even because they're not mine and the owner could be working on it yet. Them i've decided tho begin from zero, using just the idea of Cammy as a base, but also planning to use as many diferente bases as i could to maker her as more different from Cammy as it could be, so i begin to look for another female char in fighting games that can have moves that could fit on my char, and the list begins to grown: Yuri sakazaki(CvS), Whip (Kof), Arina (Waku Waku 7), Lilith (Darkstalkers), Jill valentine (CvS), Karin (CvS), Tia (Breakers revenge),Ingrid (Capcom Fighting Evolution) and i intend to use some Ibuki (SF3) sprites that i'm still working on.


Special Attacks

Batarang - Ground | Air

D, DF, F + P

Swing Kick - Ground | Air

D, DB, B + K


D, DB, B + P

Flying Down Kick - Air

D, DF, F + K

Rising Kick

F, D, DF + K

Hyper Attacks

Batarang Rush

D, DF, F + 2P

Hyper Rising

D, DF, F + 2K

Additional Credits

  • I would like to Thanks to Willian and Zvitor, whose suport was and is of great importance for the making of this



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